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South Africa's electricity is supplied as 220/230 volts AC 50 hertz and unless indicated all the plugs are a 15 amp 3 prong or 2 prong, round pin. You will need to purchase an adaptor (available at airport) if your plugs differ. Check and see if your appliances may need a transformer, like some of the USA appliances. Most hotel rooms have 110 volt outlets.

Telephone Communications

All international incoming phone numbers (either lan or mobile) have to be proceeded by +27 (0027) (ie 0833022988 becomes +27833022988). All international outgoing calls dial 00 plus the country and area codes of the destination concerned.

The main Cities dialling codes are 011 - Johannesburg; 021 - Cape Town; 031 - Durban; 041 - Port Elizabeth

Tips or Gratuity

While in some countries giving someone that does a service for you a tip is not practised, it is widely practised in South Africa. The normal rate for a tip is 10 to 15 percent of the bill.

Who all might receive a tip for their services? Restaurant waiters, Wine tasting servers, luggage porters, hotel cleaning staff, parking attendances, your driver and guide.

South African Visa

Visit the South African Department of Home Affairs comprehensive website Home Affairs to find our which countries are exempt from the requirement of visas and for those that do how to apply for one.

South African Customs

You are permitted to bring with you certain goods and items into the country, in limited quantities and value without incurring duties and value added tax (VAT).

These limitations are: your personal effects (clothes, cameras etc), good not exceeding R3000, wine not exceeding 2 litres, alcohol and spirits not exceeding 1 litre both over the age of 18, 200 cigarettes per person for over 18 years of age.

How to dress

South Africa even though its close to its ethnic route, its still very relaxed in its dress code, unless going out at night to a special place, so comfortable always been snazzy

The hot summers around South Africa if between 30 to 40 degrees Celsius, while the cold winters can drop to a snowy - 5 degrees. Find out what season you need to dress for before packing for your exciting holiday to our beautiful shores.

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