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Our Aim Is dedicated single search engine to finding a qualified tourist guide specialising in the field and language you require.

Our Aim Is to list related services to the tourism industry to assist the guide and you the tourist to gain the best possible experience and memories from travelling to our beautiful country.

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Language: German | Count: 28

Klaus Schindler 083 270-3449 Email Address Hermanus
Roger Major 076 175-7672 Email Address Cape Town
Peter Wissdorf 074 221-2552 Email Address Cape Town
Mike Gartenschlaeger 082 977-0311 Email Address Cape Town
Marion Craik 083 626-7893 Email Address Cape Town
Annette Leonie McGee-Molenaar 082 734-5351 Email Address Cape Town
Rosmarie Ziep 082 765-1072 Email Address Durban
Tim Brown 071 453-2781 Email Address Durban
Dick Maree 083 267-1400 Email Address Durban
Claus Otto Jurgen Dau 072 329-4798 Email Address Gauteng
George W. Wolff 083 601-7061 Email Address Gauteng
Gabriele Magdalena Schulz 083 287-3585 Email Address Pretoria
Frans Waanders 083 770-7905 Email Address Vredefort Dome
Maria-Luise Anna Frohlich 082 902-0201 Email Address Gauteng
Ursula Neidhardt 082 685-5997 Email Address Cape Town
Rudi Ahrens 083 251-7330 Email Address Durban
Jack Richardson 084 714-1924 Email Address Cape Town
Kirsten Keun 082 414-0671 Email Address Cape Town
Rene Mentor 060 504-1608 Email Address Cape Town
Ernesto Luigi Cassarino 083 256-7340 Email Address Johannesburg
Geza Fagyas 084 369-6901 Email Address Pretoria
Matt Weisse 082 482-4006 Email Address Cape Town
Marc Jean Oesch 083 226-7239 Email Address Sedgefield
Gerhard Basel 083 650-7389 Email Address Parys
Armin Junkuhn 073 297-9317 Email Address Johannesburg
Bernhard LUDI 082 694-5588 Email Address Johannesburg
Tirdaad Yeganeh-Majd 082 098-7689 Email Address Gauteng
Jacqui Braunlich 083 564-6179 Email Address Cape Town


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