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Our Aim Is dedicated single search engine to finding a qualified tourist guide specialising in the field and language you require.

Our Aim Is to list related services to the tourism industry to assist the guide and you the tourist to gain the best possible experience and memories from travelling to our beautiful country.

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This qualified tourist guide listing is a service we offer to all tourist guide with a tourist guide badge and number, no matter which part of the country they operate from.

Registration Fee:

For a little as R150 once off you get listed for a year. This R150 goes towards the admin costs of this website. Where else do you the guide get such a great deal?

Why be listed:

With the way things are (ie competition from other guide, not enough inbound tours) in the economy it is important to get noticed. Even is you the most qualified and respected guide without tourists or tourism operators knowing how to contact you it amounts to nothing.

More and more we have seen a need for a proper listing of all guides in one central place for all tour operators or private clients to find and contact.

What commission do you pay:

Absolutely nothing! All booking are done privately between you the guide and the person wanting to hire yours services. We do not get involved in any of the booking. The client doesn't contact us. They only use to find you and then all communication is private to you.

Change of information:

Send us an email with the new details and it will be updated with the next available update.

What if I don't wanted to be listed any more:

Yes you can remove yourself from the listing any time you wish. Fill out this form and you will be removed at the next available update.

Registration Form:

If you wish to take advantage of the qualified tourist guide listing click here and we will email you the listing form that needs to be completed.