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Werner Roux
Mobile: 083 285-1108
Languages English, Afrikaans
Guide Badge: WC 8510
City: Cape Town
Region: Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape
Years in Tourism: 7
Years as Guide: 2
First Aid: Yes
Drivers License: EB A

About Me:
It all started about 8 years ago, when Werner was commissioned as a professional photographer by a motorcycle touring company. A whole new world of adventure biking opened up and broadened his view of motorcycling. Since then Werner has guided tours and travelled Southern Africa extensively, all the way up to the equator. Born and raised in South Africa, he provides an adventurous experience with his incredible knowledge, at the same time looking after the interests of UpSouth Adventures clients with his somewhat easygoing attitude, making sure everyone is satisfied beyond their expectations. Werner is in his element when his passion for biking is combined with photography.


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This information is valid on the date of listing: 31-08-2015