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Filippo Giancane
Mobile: 072 265-9888
Languages Italian, English, French
Guide Badge: WC 1932
City: Cape Town
Region: Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga
Years in Tourism: 14
Years as Guide: 14
PDP: Yes
First Aid: Yes
Drivers License: EB

About Me:
I came from Italy to South Africa in 1997 to study for my thesis in Development Economics. I started working as a tour guide in the early 2002 due to my love for people and for travelling. I have lived in many parts of Cape Town and I know the all city very well. I offer a different experience then the traditional guided tour as I treat my clients as my friends and I let them touch with hand the real life of the city, letting them meet people and getting to know all different faces of the local reality (nature, African culture, history, art & design, lifestyle, film industry and many more) in an interactive and informal way. After being with me around Cape Town you will have it forever into your heart.


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