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Dusan Oravec

Land Line: 011 802-2183
Mobile: 082 448-5648
Languages Czech, Slovak, English
Guide Badge: GP 0672
City: Gauteng
Region: Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga
Years in Tourism: 16
Years as Guide: 16
PDP: Yes
First Aid: Yes
Drivers License: EB

About Me:
At moment 68 years old. Start guiding in 1999. Mainly conducting tours for Czech Tour operators into Southern Africa. Over the years I have done over 200 tours. I had groups between 5 to 60 pax. Also, I am organizing a private tours from references. These tours are either short 7-10 for particular region or Long trek JHB, KNP, Swazi, EC and WC or JHB, KNP, Vic Falls, Chobe, Namibia (whole) up to Cape Town and they last 19-22 days. These tours are for 6-8 pax. The tours which I am conducting for Czech Tour operators have 14-44 pax are organized by them, and I am only a Tour guide which get the relevant bus with driver. This is in short about me.


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