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Dawn Citto

Mobile: 072 144-6281
Languages English, Afrikaans
Guide Badge: WC 6869
City: Cape Town
Region: Western Cape, Northern Cape, Eastern Cape, Gauteng
Years in Tourism: 16
Years as Guide: 15
PDP: Yes
First Aid: Yes
Drivers License: EB

About Me:
I Love and enjoy my country, its people, unique history, fantastic infrastructure and amazing natural beauty. I particularly enjoy the Fauna & Fl-aura and the fact that we list amongst the Worlds Richest Fauna & Fl-aura Kingdoms, we have our Natural Heritage site, Table Mountain, the amazing Rocky coast lines and vast ocean views and a lot of the beauty is found in the Cape, although after having travelled a lot in our country I realised that every Province has its own unique beauty. The diversity is not just in Nature but also in the people, we have so many different Nations in One country and the coming over of the French Hugenots many years ago has created a diversity of peoples who now have European descent and groups of people resembling their European ancestor as well as their African heritage. We have 11 official languages, this is just phenomenal.

I was born in the Cape Province but have been living in Pretoria City for over 13 years and moved back to Cape Town in 2010. The rich experience and the amount of travel & tours I experienced whilst living there really gave me such a better view of our wonderful country and its people, I will forever be grateful for having taken the opportunity to move to Pretoria.

I enjoy showing locals as well as foreigners all the sights in our country and enjoying with them as we go along. I have travelled the country extensively and I was always wowed & get amazed by all the beautiful spots we have, we are truly a world in ONE country. We have so much to offer and are truly Blessed to be part of such an Amazing Country.


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