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Our Aim Is dedicated single search engine to finding a qualified tourist guide specialising in the field and language you require.

Our Aim Is to list related services to the tourism industry to assist the guide and you the tourist to gain the best possible experience and memories from travelling to our beautiful country.

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How to become a Tourist Guide


Quoting from the article in the Tourism Tattler written on the 18th of June 2017 by Bo Langkilde: "Tourist guides in South Africa are some of the most important people in the travel trade. They interact on a personal level daily with tourists, and a good tourist guide can make a holiday visit really memorable. In this article, we investigate how to become a tourist guide in South Africa, what makes a good tourist guide, and how and where they find work."
The article will discuss "Who is a Tourist Guide?", "Categories of tourist guides", "Classification of Tourist Guides" and "Qualifications", along with more vital information for all new or wanting to be tourist guides.
If your passion is to show off this beautiful country of South Africa and all it offers to the traveller then becoming a professional tourist guide is an obvious choice for you.

Guide Association Links:

Cape Tourist Guides Association
Field Guides Association of Southern Africa
Gauteng Guides Association
KwaZulu-Natal Tourist Guides Association
Nelson Mandela Bay Tourist Guide Association
Off-Road Guides and Tour Operators of South Africa
Provincial Tourist Guides Association of KwaZulu-Natal Battlefields Region

Institutions & Academies:

Tourist Guide Institute
Livingstone Tourism Academy
Cape Academy of Guiding Services
Guiding Academy
Drumbeat Academy
Tourvest DM Guiding Academy
Enviro Training Africa
Cultural Guiding

We hope this helps you progress to a great future. We would like to thank the Tourism Tattler for a great informative article.

Written by: Gouwa Hendricks