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Our Aim Is dedicated single search engine to finding a qualified tourist guide specialising in the field and language you require.

Our Aim Is to list related services to the tourism industry to assist the guide and you the tourist to gain the best possible experience and memories from travelling to our beautiful country.

Travel Blog

We created the travel blogging around site as a means to help other like minded travellers make educated choices on our experience
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Why Advertise

With the ever growing competition and rising costs of marketing and advertising it is an absolute must to be listed in as many places as possible.

We offer very affordable rates for excellent exposure at a time when the market is suffering from over population of competitors and poor tourism numbers.

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Terms And Conditions


The service of listing qualified guides of this website is free of charge. Pricing as per the rates page


Only CASH or EFT will be accepted. All advertised listings are based on a yearly rate. No listing will take place with none or part payment.

Right Of Admission Reserved

If at any time, with or without notification from or it's staff, if they learn or something brought to their attention whereby you are in breach of one or all of our policies your listing can and will be removed immediately. or it's staff reserve the to list and 'unlist' any listing, without remuneration of payments or funds.


We take no liability or responsibility for any and all information displayed on the website. All listing are made on the assumption they will be maintained, updated and corrected by the lister, and at no time can or it's staff be liable for loss of revenue dew to its data\listing.


To have the free qualified guide listing removed fill out the following form and it will be done and the next available update.

To have the advertising listing removed fill out the following form and it will be done and the next available update. There is no refund or remuneration for early removal.


Any of the above can and will be amended without prior notification, and the onus is up on you to visit and update yourself.

Submitting an Article

Only your own writings, no copyright is permitted
Only articles about the tourism industry is permitted
Only uplifing and informative articles is permitted
We reserve the right to delete or edit an article without notification or approval
No article used to promote yourself, your service or your company is permitted
We reserve the right to promote your article (includes you as author)
Credit \ Authorship will be given to you with a link to your profil.