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Cederberg Oasis

Cederberg Oasis

The journey of the Oasis takes place well before you reach your destination and while travelling in a Mach 1 Golf was by no means the right way to travel it sure did create lots of excitement. Travelling from the Ceres side it's at least 75kms of dusty off roads and no car should be put through such punishment. We had 1 flat type on the way there and 2 flats and a blow-out on the way out. However if you make your way there in the correct type of car; or even better dual purpose motorcycle then it's a ride made in heaven.

The Cederberg Mountains open up to a delightful valley of farms and water streams. By now the heat has drawn long and the trip needs to end soon, and before long you spot the sign showing you have arrived. A very friendly welcoming by both owner and dog is as homely as arriving home after a month away. A quick check in and then it's off to the rooms.

It's an Oasis hidden behind a curtain of mountains, not a 5 star hotel just off the peer. Don't expect the lap of luxury. This lodge has just what you need to get away and enjoy nature. They also have pre-built canvas tents waiting for the weary traveller.

We ate at the only restaurant in 5 kms, the "Cederberg Oasis". We had not enjoyed such size and tasty steaks in a long time. Truly worth a meal if you in the area. We had an afternoon picnic and a dinner braai as well. While the pool looked inviting we never graced ourselves in it.

The nights were so hot that we slept on top of the bed, with the window open and fan on. Relentless! I decided the only thing to combat the heat was for a 2am shower.

If you looking for the emptiness of nature and the noise of silence then this Oasis is for you. An absolute must if you ride a motorcycle and need a place to rest your head.


In the summer months its extremely hot, make sure you have lots of water and ice with.


The wifi data is minimal, don't expect lots of Facebook time.

~ by Warren M Walker

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