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Die Eike Goudini

Die Eike Luxury Farm Accommodation Goudini

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Excitedly we entered in via the main gates after an hour's drive from Cape Town. The sky was clear and the day perfect. We were looking forward to another cosy stay at one of the Western Capes guesthouse accommodations. The check-in was quick and the staff friendly.

After being escorted to our room, we had a quick look around. We liked the fact our car parked right next to our room and felt secure. When we entered the room, it smelt fresh and inviting. The room was clean and well prepared. We had a beautiful room with an on-suite bathroom. The bathroom offered both a shower and a bath. The room was perfect for our needs.

The room had a fridge, a television and an above bed air conditioner. The days were hot, so we made good use of it. The television never had many channels to watch, but then we never went there to watch television.

This being a working farm was not a problem for our stay or us. Workers or machinery did not interrupt us, which kept the area quiet and private. There are several rooms attached to each other. We were just fortunate that the other rooms were unoccupied at the time of our visit.

When the sun set the farm grounds were mostly dark (which we preferred) and quiet, which was perfect for a romantic get-away, yet still leaving us feeling safe.

The pool is not large or deep, but was clean and yet big enough to spend an hour or two in it. The summer days are always hot enough to encourage a swim.

Our only complaint was the bed was unforgiving.


This is not a self catering, there is no kitchen area.


Bring your own coffee, sugar and milk as not enough is supplied.

~ by Warren M Walker

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