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Eglin Hills (Luxury Tented Camp)

This great little place is situated in the Grabour \ Elgin valley area hidden away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a gem so close to Cape Town, yet takes you to a place anywhere in the world. You don't need to travel far to experience it.

As someone that enjoys nature and the outdoors this Luxury Tented Camp was perfect for me. Upon arriving I had no expectation of quality and what was in store. To my great delight I discovered a larger than expected canvas tent with all the luxuries I needed. Soft warm beds, electricity with lights and a fridge, basin with shower and toilet. The perfect on-suite all to myself. The summer nights are warm and the winter nights are cold. The Luxury Tented Camp was not only inviting but also an exciting adventure.

Being situated in the valley the night got a little colder which was perfect for a fire, red wine and a snuggle. With the sound of the running water just outside my tent, a river just added the backdrop to the perfect feel of the camp. With just a short walk I found myself at the tranquil shores of the Palmiet River.

The community area had everything needed for a braai or cook up a storm, with ample table and seating, couch and DSTV. It was easy to make friends with other campers and enjoy a laugh or two.

I had a small visitor in the night - namely a field mouse scrummaging for food. Other than being woken up by nature my stay was both relaxing and rejuvenating to the soul. If you looking for some nature without all the hassle of putting up tents then this is the place for you.


The camp site is situated on a working apple farm. You are in a valley surrounded by nature and all that comes with it.


Bring comfortable boots or shoes, warm jacket and a torch.

~ by Warren M Walker

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  • gallery_01

    The Lappa (Outside)

  • gallery_02

    The Lappa (Inside)

  • gallery_03

    The Lappa (Outside)

  • gallery_04

    Palmiet River

  • gallery_05

    Community Area

  • gallery_06

    Grabouw Valley


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