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Merwida Country Lodge Rawsonville

Merwida Country Lodge Rawsonville

After hearing about this great country lodge I decided it was time to experience it for myself. I was on the lookout for some place remote but within an area well connected to the outside. While to the passer-by Rawsonville might seem to be a quiet town it's actually full of life and a great experience to be had.

Merwida is really easy to find even for someone who is not familiar with the area and having come from out of town is was truly easy to find. It is situated just off the old N1, where you will easily find your way to Merwida. This country lodge has real old world charm. If you've had the opportunity to watch one of those old movies from back in the days of the Southerners and Northerners and ever wondered what it would be like staying in one of those Old American style Mansions, Merwida is a must to visit.

I only stayed for the one night and was really comfortable and the place peaceful. The rooms are quite spacious. I was upgraded to one of the best rooms on offer which even included the private balcony that over looked the entrance road.

The pool itself was truly bigger than expected. A welcoming site for swimmers indeed.

Merwida is a family run country lodge so expect to have a more home feel to it, don't expect a straight up desk human upon your arrival and a 24/7 service.

Merwida does not have a restaurant but sports a small tidy bar downstairs towards the pool area, where Christo will gladly advise on his drink collection available, and again just a reminder, it's a family owned lodge so you might not find someone at the bar at any given time. As for lunch or dinner, you are only a quick drive or cycle from town. I was advised about two great eating places and chose In Die Hoek, the first eatery closest to Merwida and what a delight.

After lunch I made my way back to Merwida Country Lodge with a stuffed belly (some leftovers) and some time on my hands to find Christo to order that drink, then make my way to the pool for the afternoon. Oh and a black Great Dane might sneak up behind you and give you uhmmmm ... but don't worry, he is just a charming as his owners.

Evening arrived and I made my way back upstairs to my room. After closing the door to my room I got feeling of being safe and relaxed. I recommend this to be a good place for single travellers.

Be sure to make your way downstairs just after nine am as the breakfast ladies are keen to see and greet their new guests.


Make sure you have your costume and towel, with plenty of time to relax. Great for business travellers as well.


when you arrive ask for Hester, she is super nice

~ by Gouwa Hendricks

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  • Bedroom Suite

    Bedroom Suite

  • Lodge Catering Room

    Lodge Catering Room

  • Breakfast Room

    Breakfast Room

  • Lounge


  • Pool


  • Pool


  • Outside Dinning Area

    Outside Dinning Area

  • Outside Bench

    Outside Bench

  • Outside Table & Chairs

    Outside Table & Chairs

  • Drinks Bar

    Drinks Bar


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